Jiang (Pascal) Qian

     Pascal Qian has more than 25 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Industry worked for  leading pharmaceutical company such as Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer, MSD, Roche etc. He launched several Top Global brands in China :Tyvyt, Elunate, Afinitor, Sutent, Vfend, Singlair etc. He has also lead several new products development initiation in China such as Crizotinib, Axitinib and Palbociclib.

Pascal Qian is Vice Chair of  CSCO New Drug Development Committee, he work with USCACA and CSCO to initiate Translational Medicine Summit and Breakthrough Cancer Medicine Summit. He also worked for Effort Project to develop young talent of early phase clinical study.

Pascal Qian is graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical Institute (Shanghai 2nd Medical University) and received BIMB EMBA Project in Beijing University. He also received CSCO ACT(Advanced Clinical Trial) II training program.