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China has become the main driving force for the growth of global biomedical industry. With the largest population in the world, the elderly aged 65 and above account for 22% (about 300 million) of the total population, China create a huge pharmaceutical market. According to the survey results of international biomedical enterprises, China is one of the top four markets for biomedical enterprises to invest in. We can see that some European and US multinational pharmaceutical companies are actively investing in China to establish R&D centers and have reached deals with Chinese partners to jointly promote the commercialization of products. With global market competition, the strategic transformation of China's biomedical industry has become the general trend of the whole industry.

In the post epidemic era, "crisis" and "opportunity" coexist, and biomedical innovation has received unprecedented attention. In the past two years, the storm of healthcare reform has swept across the country: the new “Drug Administrative Law” has been issued to encourage the priority approval of innovative drugs and clinical shortage drugs, and promote the implementation of MAH system. We expect that the corresponding policy reform will continue to deepen. China's policy environment of encouraging innovation has opened up the imagination of capital for the new drug industry. Venture capitals rush into the China's biomedical innovation, promoting more and more innovative enterprises to list on the SSE Star Makert, HKEX and NASDAQ. With the help of capital, the biotech  innovation and new drugs development will ride a wave of growth.

The development of innovative drugs is inseparable from scientific research and innovation. With more and more revolutionary technological breakthroughs emerging in the field of life science, many cutting-edge technologies are gradually applied to the research and development of biomedicine, such as car-t and tcr-t immunotherapy, PD-1 / PD-L1 inhibitor immunotherapy, CRISPR gene editing and ADC technology, protac technology, etc, And alphafold's breakthrough in protein folding indicates that AI and depth computing technology will be deeply applied to drug discovery. At the same time, the development of innovative drugs is also inseparable from international cooperation. We need to widely participate in the international Multi Center III and II clinical trials of multinational enterprises to improve China's R & D capability. Through the construction of national key laboratories and cooperation with multinational enterprises, we can improve China's technology conversion capability. Only in this way can China's innovative drugs really have market competitiveness in the next five to 10 years, only when they change from fast follow-up drug discovery to first in class innovative drugs.

Global Biopharma Innovation Pioneer Summit China 2021 is a high-end strategic summit covering the fields of cellular immunity, new antibodies and vaccines,, gene editing and therapy, biopharm R&D, clinical research and trial, licensing in &out, innovative pharma manufacturing, artificial intelligence enabled new drug research and development, biopharma investment and IPO. This conference brings together major multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, AI leading enterprises, and venture capital institutions to discuss industry hotspots. Base on the industry frontier, this conference will discuss the transformation of cutting-edge biotechnologies as well as global resources integration and multi-party cooperation.  

The summit will be presented in the form of round table discussion, keynote speech, one-on-one meeting, and mini exhibition. The conference program includes two day meeting an with special focus on drug discovery and clinical research, innovation in biopharma manufacturing, AI enabled drug development, global partnership & licensing. We will present you with a shocking thought event and take you to a new stage of technology innovation and global cooperation.

In addition, we also have online participation, you can be on the platform and participants one-on-one video, interviews, play company promotional films, set up booths and so on.

We are looking forwards to your participation! 

Organizing Committee of Global Biopharma Innovation Pioneer Summit China 2021 




Awards Categories

Most Innovative Biopharma Pioneer

Most Innovation Life Science Pioneer

Best Biopharma AI Technology Pioneer

Best Contract Sevice Pioneer (CRO, CMO,CDMO)  

Best Biopharma Industry Service Provider 

Sign up: All the candidates shall send application to info@covermediagroup.com 

Application Deadline: Nov 30, 2021

Awarding Ceremony: The ceremony will be held during the event  on Dec 9th,award certificate will be granted to the winner.

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